Ned makes it easy to deploy capital with cash flow underwriting and revenue-based products

Ned’s white label platform handles everything from application through revenue-based servicing to power your cash flow lending operation. Customize your system and qualify borrowers now.

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Revenue-Based Lending Infrastructure

Design your own loan products and eligibility criteria. Ned streamlines cash flow underwriting and revenue-based repayments with out-of-box integrations and configurations. Make fast decisions, deploy capital, and get paid back without the hassle.

White Label Solution

Give borrowers a great digital experience from the moment they apply. Keep costs low with easy customizations, end-to-end.

Cash Flow Underwriting

Cut underwriting costs and build your own eligibility score. Verify business performance in seconds.

Automate Revenue-Based Repayments

Streamline disbursement and repayments with built-in ACH rails. Ned calculates revenues and automates remittances.

Loan Monitoring

Keep sight of your borrower’s business performance to reduce delinquencies. Ned provides transparency and tracking throughout.

About Ned

Lenders want to build capacity

Lenders need tech that’s built to meet their borrowers' needs.

Small business borrowers want fast and affordable capital. Rigid financial products, or credit and collateral challenges, however make it tough for lenders.

We built cash flow lending infrastructure so lenders can build capacity to innovate and qualify more borrowers.

Lenders today turn to Ned’s flexible end-to-end platform to design, launch, and administer revenue-based financial products which streamline qualification, disbursement, and repayments.

Ned enables lenders to design new financial products and then set eligibility criteria based on business performance. Ned helps the lending teams conduct review, approval, closing and disbursement activities, all on the platform, and then automate repayment and tracking activities.

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Lenders launch new financial products

Ned customers design bespoke financial products to accomplish their growth and customer objectives. Revenue-based repayments applied across different financial products help qualify applicants and attract new customers altogether. Our customers have launched products across the following categories:

Revenue Share Commercial Agreement

Borrower’s share a percentage of the revenue until the amount owed is repaid. Completion date depends on business performance.

Revenue-based Term Loan with Repayment Cap

Fixed term loan made flexible with revenue-based repayment and terms.

Revenue-based Term Loan with Interest

Fixed term loan where interest rate drives the principal and interest split during repayment.

Revenue-Based Line of Credit and More

Coming soon! We’re looking forward to building new financial products with you.


Your Questions Answered

Ned provides lending infrastructure that makes it easy to deploy capital.

Our end-to-end rails and cash flow underwriting engine enables small business lenders to build capacity and qualify borrowers who might otherwise have poor credit or no collateral.
Lenders wanted to qualify more borrowers and grow, but they didn’t have technology to offer the scalable financial products that their customers wanted.

So, we built the platform they needed. We’re on a mission to make sure lenders have affordable infrastructure to innovate and grow.
Yes. Ned helps lenders to organize and prioritize inbound applications
Yes. We built Ned so each of our customers can easily specify and control what tasks their users can conduct on the platform.

These controls enable teams with multiple users to design and then implement tailored workflows with checks and balances.
Ned provides lenders with ‘what/if’ scenario planning capabilities.

Lenders can model different terms for a given borrower and then assess multi-faceted outcomes.
Ned provides out-of-box open banking APIs so borrowers can easily provide two years of bank transactions.

Ned processes and forecasts that data for the lender within easy-to-use dashboards, based on the lender’s platform configuration(s).
Yes, revenue-based repayments are automated until each loan agreement is matured.
During implementation, Ned works with the lender to configure repayment mechanics like revenue calculation and remittance dates, based on the lender's loan agreement.
During the application phase, borrowers connect their operating account directly to the Ned platform.

After closing, borrowers go through KYB, KYC, and OFAC checks to engage in payment processing on the platform.

The borrower’s connected account is used for automated revenue calculations and remittances on an ongoing basis.
Yes. Automated notifications get sent to different platform users at every stage of application review and approval, closing, disbursement, and then during repayments.
Relevant automated notifications are sent to the borrower and lender. Relevant status update(s) are automatically made, and are shown on platform, whether the repayment is:
• Initiated
• Successful
• Failed
We offer standard reports (e.g., trial balance, collection aging report, payoff) and customized loan servicing reports.
We maintain an ongoing connection with the borrower’s bank account.

If there is any disconnection, we automate notifications to the lender and borrower with the reason for the disconnection.
Yes. Lenders have direct visibility into their borrower’s bank transactions organized by category and time.

Lenders can quickly search for, identify, and then analyze NSF, late fees, or other relevant transactions.
Yes. All aspects of the application flow are customizable.

Other areas of the platform that can be customized include, but aren’t limited to:
• Lender dashboard(s) for review and approval workflows
• Bespoke eligibility score and/or qualification criteria
• Cash flow and other business performance analysis capabilities
• Document upload and document management
• E-signature, legal and closing workflows
• Repayment automation and tracking dashboard(s)
Ned powers a broad range of revenue-based financial products. Today, we facilitate a spectrum of term loans or commercial agreements with dynamic repayment schedules.

We start our work with customers by configuring their bespoke financial product(s) - taking their return profile, respective interest or fees, term, repayment dynamics, etc. - and building around that. We can also support more traditional loans.

Our goal is to help you offer a full suite of financial products and we would look forward to configuring the platform you need to scale your operation.
Yes we provide KYC and KYB capabilities. In order to use Ned’s built-in ACH capability, lenders must verify their customer’s business information and run OFAC checks.
We typically charge straightforward fees for the platform and to power disbursements and repayments. Prices depend on how a lender uses Ned.
Lenders use Ned’s end-to-end white label infrastructure to provide borrowers a range of revenue-based financial products to streamline qualification, disbursement, and servicing.

Lenders start by designing their new financial product(s) alongside the Ned Team, and then power those products on Ned.
White Label Application Experience
• Lenders customize their application flow to get relevant information and documents
• As part of the application process, business owners connect their bank account(s) directly to Ned so lenders can authenticate and verify business performance immediately
• Data is kept secure and made available to lenders and borrowers

Cash Flow Underwriting, Review, and Approval
• Lenders construct qualification criteria based on cash flow and other relevant criteria
• Ned verifies application and business performance data and provides lenders tailored scores upon an applicant’s submission
• Seamless dashboards on the backend help lending teams to build simple workflows that streamline review and approval and push applications toward approval

Closing and Disbursement
• Lenders use the platform to complete approval and closing workflows
• Agreements are executed directly using Ned’s e-signature capabilities
• Before or after closing, borrowers complete KYC, KYB and OFAC checks
• Lenders disburse capital to borrowers directly on platform

Automated Revenue-Based Repayments, Loan Monitoring, Tracking
• Once funded, Ned monitors the borrower's bank account(s) for revenue and expenses.
• Ned calculates revenues and then debits the owner’s bank account based on their agreement with their lender
• That amount is remitted directly back to the lender/capital provider.
• The process repeats until completion, based on terms
• Ned provides easy dashboards to track or analyze business performance
• The lender has line-of-sight into a borrower’s business performance from disbursement through completion
Yes. Every lender creates bespoke eligibility criteria and a weighted qualification score to drive their review and approval workflows.
Yes, teams can work together to engage in bespoke workflows across a variety of activity areas:
• Qualification
• Approval
• Disbursement
• Servicing and capital operations
• Loan monitoring
Ned can configure and power approval workflows, generate legal documents, support e-signature, and then facilitate disbursement.

Altogether, these activities can be done in minutes, depending on a lender’s financial product or their given workflow.
Ned maintains a direct connection into each borrower’s bank accounts and bank transaction data drive these calculations.

On the lender's revenue calculation date (per their loan agreement with their borrower), Ned automatically calculates revenues for its outstanding loans.
• These automated calculations typically include total revenues and repayment amount based on the repayment percentage, per their lender’s loan agreement
• Relevant automated notifications are sent to the borrower and lender stakeholders
• Relevant status updates are automatically made
Ned facilitates revenue-based repayments and provides loan monitoring capabilities.

Ned powers the repayment-specific mechanics as reflected in the lender’s legal agreement with their borrowers. Typically, Ned:
• Provides lenders ongoing transparency into a borrower’s bank account(s)
• Automates revenue calculations and revenue-based remittances
• Automatically splits a borrower’s dynamic repayments into principal and interest (if needed); and then
• Visually presents repayment data within easy-to-use dashboards so lenders can track accordingly
Yes. Lenders have the option to delay repayments or change terms after an updated signed agreement is provided to Ned.
On the designated remittance day, Ned automates transfers on behalf of the lender.

In certain circumstances, and depending on the lender’s platform configuration(s), either the lender or the borrower can manually initiate a single transfer directly from the platform.
Yes. Ned sends automated reminders to borrowers before a repayment date.
Yes. Ned provides management, tracking, and reporting capabilities as it pertains to fund-wide management or on a per-loan basis.
All existing reports are customizable based on the customer’s business needs on the platform. We will work closely with the lender to understand their required customization
Repayments are dynamic and based on business performance.

Our platform maintains bank connectivity and scans for balances and NSFs ahead of each repayment.

If a borrower were to ever miss an automated repayment, they have the ability to initiate transfers directly back to the lender. As well, the lender can initiate the transfer directly.
A white label platform allows lenders to create their own branded version of the product. This can be done by changing the name, logo or overall design to match brand guidelines.

Ned’s platform can be branded in multiple ways and we work hard to help our customers provide a strong brand experience.

Across different platform touchpoints, we are thoughtful about how the lender’s brand is treated, and we actively work with our customers to deliver a holistic borrowing experience that drives trust.
Yes. We configure each of our customer’s platforms around their specific legal agreements. Our built in e-signature capability makes closing a swift process.
Yes. We can support this and we can configure your platform accordingly.
No. A number of different organizations can use Ned to deploy structured capital.
Yes. Ned is SOC2 Type II compliant.This ensures that we follow the industry standard for information storage and transmission.

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