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Ned’s white label platform handles everything from Application through Servicing. Customize your platform to qualify your customers Today.

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Revenue-Based Financing Made Easy

Ned streamlines underwriting and servicing to help you scale your operation. Readymade integrations power your organization’s eligibility score so you can close and get paid back without the hassle.

White Label Solution

Customize your Ned platform to drive affordability and speed.

Revenue-Based Qualification

Verify an applicant’s business performance and cut compliance and underwriting costs.

Automated Transfers

Streamline disbursement and collection activities with built-in ACH rails.

Transparency After Closing

Track your customer’s business performance to reduce defaults.

About Us

Lenders Need a Path Forward

We believe that small business lending should feel empowering.
After all, business owners are building a dream, and their lender has a shot to join them.
We built Ned so it’s easy to make that all happen.
Lenders now have the affordable, integrated technology to manage an easy, straightforward, and fair process, from application through servicing.
With Ned, lenders and their customers partner around growth.

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Your Questions Answered

Revenue-based financing enables a lender to finance a business by purchasing future revenues at a discount. This funding method is non-dilutive, which means the business owners keep all their ownership.
Payments are variable. With RBF, the business owner repays with a set percent (%) of whatever revenues the business makes. And they don’t pay anything if the business doesn’t perform.
Ned helps small business lenders qualify and finance businesses using revenue-based financing. Ned's end-to-end technology platform takes care of every step in the process:
- Application activities, review and approval
- Easy deal-making and contracting
- Automated disbursement and repayment on the backend
We’d love to show you and we can spin up a test platform in minutes!
Ned makes revenue-based financing quick and easy. Capital providers can stand up a white label application flow, execute a revenue sharing agreement, and then Ned takes care of the rest:

White Label Application Experience
Brand and configure the application flow to your specifications Business owners can expect a quick application and deal building experience Ned integrates and authenticates an applicant’s business bank account(s) and transaction history

Review and Approval
· Lenders construct their own revenue-based qualification score, based on priorities
· Ned powers scoring upon ah applicant’s submission by verifying application and business performance data
· Seamless dashboards on the backend help lending operations build simple workflows to streamline review and approval

Closing Documents and Funding
Once approved, lenders and customers can execute agreements directly on platform and then disburse/receive capital with built-in ACH rails

Revenue Sharing
Once funded, Ned continually scans for revenues in the owner’s business bank account Ned debits the owner’s bank account a % of revenues each Friday, based on their agreed-upon revenue sharing percentage.
That amount is remitted back to the lender/capital provider.
The process repeats weekly or monthly until completion, based on the partnership terms.
The weekly revenue share amount might change depending on how the business performs.
Yes. The agreement signed is legally binding. Ned can provide a readymade revenue-sharing agreement or customers can configure their platforms with their own document(s).
Each organization that uses Ned to finance small businesses can set their own restrictions. Typically, our customers use Ned to power working capital products intended for growth, or inventory, marketing, or personnel.
RBF agreements don’t have a fixed end-date or interest. The business owner pays back the funding they received (the amount of purchased revenue) plus a fixed fee (discounted amount).
Term loans typically require fixed payments and carry an interest rate. To administer a term loan, a lender’s underwriting process requires credit score assessment, and potentially collateral, co-signers etc.
By comparison, revenue-based financing allows a lender to serve those business owners who might have strong cash flow but otherwise credit challenges or no credit at all.
There’s no collateral or personal guarantee required, payments are variable and based on business performance, and it’s non-dilutive to the business owner.
Ned can transform any organization into a sophisticated capital provider. We work with bank and non-bank lenders, community lenders, non-profits, etc.
Ned provides customers today with integrations into Plaid, HelloSign, and Astra Finance. Taken together, these solutions providers help Ned to power all aspects of the application, review and approval, closing and then automated servicing.
Yes. Ned automates revenue sharing payments from a business owner to the capital provider.
Unfortunately, Ned doesn’t yet help business owners build credit.
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