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Everyone's got a Ned in their life

Who's Ned?

Everyone's got a Ned in their life. It's that trusted friend of yours - that person you call when things get complicated.
And it's definitely complicated when business owners ask friends or family for funding. Ned brings everyone together.


Unleash Community Growth


Create win-win scenarios where businesses grow and their communities succeed.

Where We're Coming From
Unfortunately, growing a business today feels out of reach, and communities are struggling.
Everything has a cost, but finding money can be painful.
Lenders rarely provide the solution, so owners turn to those they really know when they need a leg up - friends or family.
These situations end poorly. But this experience should be empowering.
At Ned, we believe incredible things happen for communities if these partnerships succeed.
When businesses and funders trust one another, they can build together. Businesses get what they need to grow and create jobs. Funders fuel community development. Strong businesses drive even stronger communities. It's a heck of a win-win.
How We Do It
Ned brings owners and funders together to build simple funding partnerships around revenue sharing. With Ned, users strike their own terms, sign a contract, and automate the rest.
  • Business owners get the money they need and share back revenue as they earn.
  • Funders have peace of mind that things are handled.

What's revenue sharing?

We heard business owners and funders loud and clear. No loans. With revenue sharing, a business can get the funding they need and then pay back a funder with a set percentage of revenue until they're fully repaid.


  • Fixed payments
  • Crazy interest
  • Collateral
  • Financial pressure
  • Red tape

Revenue Sharing

  • Quick access to capital
  • Pegged to business performance
  • No credit checks
  • No collateral or personal guarantee
  • No ownership dilution
  • Easy-to-understand agreement
  • No rigid end date

What drives us at Ned

We've got strong beliefs. Empowerment. Fairness. Trust. Hope.

Be Heard Great partnerships happen when everyone feels empowered. We want our users to communicate clearly and build trust with one another.
Level Playing Field Win-win scenarios happen when everyone plays by the same rules.
Ride or Die Trust is sacred. We celebrate those who have each other's back through thick and thin.
Optimism Always The best is yet to come for businesses and their communities. Owners, funders, and everyone in-between deliver on that promise together.

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