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More than a third of business owners get funding from friends and family. But it's a hard process. Creating terms, documenting a deal, and paying back creates stress.

Ned makes it possible to create win-win funding agreements in minutes.
Forget about old-school lenders that require insane paperwork and collateral. Work with those you really know.
Keep it easy by building a relationship around revenue sharing. Create fair and fast deals that make everyone happy.

How To Get Started

With Ned, you're in the driver's seat. Be confident when you ask for funding. Get the money you need and share revenue over time without constraints like fixed payments or interest.
How? It's not a loan. It's revenue-sharing.

Step 1. Draft Your Deal

  • Build a fair and fast deal in 5 minutes with easy options.
  • Set your Funding Amount and the Future Revenue Share you'll share with your funder over time.
  • You can even include a bonus to the funder for their money. This way, your funder can make a little extra as you grow.
  • In case your funder sends you deal terms, you can review or update everything on your end.

Step 2. Send and Sign

  • Send terms to your funder for review. Adjust things if they have changed.
  • Ned takes your terms and puts them into a Revenue Share Agreement for everyone to sign.
  • Make sure to review everything before finalizing.
  • Sign the dotted line and get back to running your business!

Step 3. Get Funded

  • After signing your agreement, Ned connects you and your funder by integrating bank accounts.
  • Your funder can send funds within minutes via ACH transfer.

Step 4. Start sharing revenue

  • Revenue sharing begins when funds are transferred!
  • Ned debits the agreed-upon Future Revenue Share on Fridays and sends it to your funder.
  • You can even decide when Revenue Sharing Begins (also an option Ned provides).
  • This process repeats until your funder is repaid.

Step 5. Track And Manage

  • Review and track Revenue Transfers from a user-friendly dashboard. There's no need for uncomfortable convos with your business partner. Ned does the work.

Product Features

Ditch Lenders. Set Your Own Terms.

  • Strike direct terms
  • Beat other options
  • Easy documentation
  • Get money fast
  • Automated repayment
  • Flexible costs
  • Keep it all confidential

How Ned Makes Money

  • Ned charges a 2.5% fee on all ACH transfers between partners, except for transfers associated with a Bonus to the funder which are free of charge.
  • Fees are netted out of transfers. They aren't incremental.
  • Everyone sees fees clearly labeled on their bank statements.

For more specifics on pricing visit our FAQ

Ned's House Rules

We created simple rules for those using our platform to maintain fairness for everyone.
Why? Funders shouldn't strike terms that stress a business out, and business owners shouldn't ask for funding they can't feasibly repay.

  • Can't fund more than 15% of a business's annual revenue
  • Can't ask for a Bonus of more than 15%
  • Can't ask for a Future Revenue Share of more than 15%
  • Need to make $50,000 in annual revenue
  • Can't ask for more than 15% of average annual revenue
  • Can't repay a funder with a Future Revenue Share of more than 15%
  • Can only have one funding relationship

Over time these criteria might shift as we learn how our users want to work with us.

Build Your First Deal Now

Don't wait. Invite your partner with Ned to get the funding you need.
Build a Deal
"I needed to fund a marketing budget so I approached my personal network to help. The reality though is that putting structure around a deal like that can be very difficult. Ned makes it easy to build and manage a partnership that's fair to everyone."

Will Davis

Chief Experience Officer,
Dapper Tours
"I'm planning to hire talent so I can grow my events business and I need to keep things professional when I ask those that I know personally for the funding. Having the ability to set simple terms and to manage a partnership with a real contract is game changing."

Sarah Schecter

SRS Events
"We never liked the idea of getting a loan from a bank and when COVID hit we got funding from our family. Ned gives us the tools we need to partner safely with those we already know and trust."

Marc and Monique Buccelato

On the Marc Training
"Business owners should feel confident when they raise money from friends and family. These situations are really uncomfortable, and we need better tools to help us stay in control. With Ned, we can build simple, professional funding requests and set the terms that are best for our businesses. It makes a tough process easy for everyone.."

Adriel Frantom

Owner, Adriel Nicole Salon

Ned is almost (a)live!

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